Mars 2.0

Why You'll Love it

The Mars 2.0 takes our most salable Mars design to the next generation, serving as your portal to an enriching and dynamic journey of exploration!

The extraordinary features of this epic eBike design include an upgraded 1200W peak rear hub motor, app connectivity in sync with your rides, an enhanced rear rack, and a more compact folded design. These are just a few of the notable upgrades that make it effortless to embark on any adventure, anywhere you desire.

Ranger S

Built to Handle Your Everyday

Whether you’re commuting to work or exploring new places, it offers a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to cars and public transport. Upgrade your ride today and experience the best in folding e-bikes.


Tackle Steep Grades without Breaking a Sweat

Ranger has fat tires for handling whatever the trail throws at you. This class 2/3, step-thru frame, and foldable bike allows you to customize your ride with adjustable handlebars, seven speeds, and three levels of pedal-assist that makes tackling hills a breeze!


Perfect Bike for City Riders

The combination of power, style, and convenience makes Cityrun one of the best e-bikes on the market today. Designed to make your urban commute more efficient and enjoyable. With its powerful motor and high-capacity battery, you can easily travel long distances without breaking a sweat.


Why You'll Love it

Inspired by the spectacular scene of the foreshore sunset: The sun sinking into the clouds, then off to the horizon, our designer portrays a stunning a bike frame with a gradient color, symbolizing every rider’s limitless potential and innovative spirit.

And it’s more practical than it looks. With the addition of a horst-link suspension, hydraulic disc brakes and all-new 24” fat tires…all these features enable you to ride comfortably and efficiently. At the same time, it allows you to push your limits.


Incorporated the Latest Technology

Brawn was made three upgrades on the hydraulic side, namely a hydraulic seat post, hydraulic suspension fork and hydraulic disc brakes. Whether it’s long hills or rolling terrain, you can be assured of the most comfortable ride. Motorcycle styling and app sync are at the forefront of this technologically advanced e-bike.


Why You'll Love it

Tyson is equipped with a magnesium alloy frame, making it light anddurable.
This slim and light e-bike integrates excellent design and the use of highstrength magnesium alloy material, resulting in a strong, yet light weightframe with great performance.

Eliminate the LCD instrument panel. Tyson configures thin film transistors (TFT) to present a clear, bright display App via Bluetooth or 4G cell enables riders to monitor their e-bike’s location.mileage, navigation and more in real time when outside city limits.


Explore a New Range with Extraordinary Passion

Explore allows riders to adjust their riding styles to suit their mood and the terrain. No matter if you want to enjoy the ease of sightseeing in a town, or explore a back road you’ve never been to, the multiple modes help you handle different kinds of road conditions.


Easy to Stow Away in Small Spaces

Mars Ebike is a foldable fat tire electric bike that’s the perfect partner for exploring new pathways and riding through rough terrain. Built with an STP 500W motor, 4″ fat tires and ideal geometry, it’s ready to take you wherever you want to go.


Lightweight Frame Helps You Ride with Ease

With a torque sensor, it tends to ride in a more “bicycle-like” manner, since the power response is directly proportional to the power applied to the pedals. That’s also help for more control on your commute or a leisurely ride anywhere.

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